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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  January 16, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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i'm properly yours, kim from tampa bay's number one news station.
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>> dave, why don't you say we toss it to you. how is that? >> dog a found. i'll read. we'll go at it. >> 54 degrees the current temperature outside over in the lakeland area. i love the sunshine that we have going first thing this morning, so it's a beautiful start to the day. but throughout the day this very fast moving weather pattern that we're in there l start to bring some cloud cover in, so maybe you'll want to head out to the beach. the south wind at 7 miles per hour. today the warmest of the next seven. it looks like the viabilities are getting better for everybody. any fog that we did have quickly getting on out of here. forecast 75 degrees, but tomorrow morning at this time, maybe a few hours earlier, we're going to be dealing with another round of thunder storms. there is a slight chance for severe weather tomorrow morning, especially south of i-4 and it's going to be very early just before
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to pay close attention later tonight as mike bennett will get you the overall timing on this, but it looks like between 3:00 and 9:00 tomorrow morning. then much colder air settles in for tomorrow late in the day and week. so alcides will have more on that in a few minutes. thank you, dave. weather that rolled through yesterday left its mark in venice. one minute their lights were on, the next it was pitch black. the winds blew off most of their roof and it flew back behind the shopping center. >> and thankfully no one was hurt. first responders did have to rescue 20 dogs from a grooming shop. they're doing just fine. happening today in downtown tampa, the 16th annual black heritage music festival is kicking off and
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is performing. crystal clark joins us live from tampa with what people with expect. good morning, crystal. >> good morning, alcides. this started on the 13th and we're told it's going through the 23rd, but this is the big weekend. festival. butler. tomorrow we're told angie stone will be out here as well. i want to give you an idea what you can expect. people are already setting up behind me. we have food trucks that have been going for a while. believe you can you can smell that smoke barbecue, it's almost choking us, but it smells delicious. we have vendors who have been setting up since 6:00 a.m. if you're looking for cultural jewelry, all kinds of art for your home. if you're looking for things related to african culture, they're on display here.
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we're told they're call them villages. it's going off that saying it takes a village to raise a child. what you can do when you come out to the park, you can walk around through the tents, take a look at what people have to offer, you'll find helpful information on managing your fraud by silence and your health and the stage is what you will find in the distance at park. we're told throughout the day you'll find artists performing, including a few local singers and a violinist as well. we are expecting days parking will be difficult at this point, and also just navigating through the street lights, since at least one lane is certainly blocked off here on ashley drive. we're expecting a good time, though, alcides. >> i can imagine it's going to be fantastic and as you said, the weather is going to be gorgeous. we look forward to it and look forward to your report coming up at 9:00 as well. crystal, thank you. meanwhile this morning in tampa, police on are out investigating a single car accident at the intersection of west shore and san jose street. officers say the car struck a light
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causing critical injuries to the driver. they've since been taken to a hospital. right now west shore boulevard is closed in both directions at san jose street, so if you can, avoid that area. southbound lanes of dale may berry were closed last night. investigators were on scene between defray and north a streets. those lanes have since been reopened. >> the woman best as the ex-girlfriend of a cop killer could face new charges. courtney brantley should be -- should be serving a one year prison sentence for charges related to the murder of two tampa police officers. but on the eve of going away to prison, brantley was arrested and charged with domestic violence and criminal mischief. now a just released 911 call reveals the fear the woman brantley allegedly attacked. >> like i've already been through a situation before and i didn't call police. and now it's happened again and so --
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just take a deep breath. >> she's going to jail auto monday so i don't know if that's why she's reacting like this. >> yeah. she's on appeal right now and she's going to prison on monday for a year and a day. >> the u.s. attorneys office tells fox 13 they'll step aside and let the state pursue charges against her first. if she is convicted of these new charges, she'll complete her state time first. then the feds will pick her up. >> he was a beloved softball coach and now investigators say they have caught his killer. terry yelvington coached softball in auburn dale. he was shot in a driveway outside his home. in court yesterday a judge denied him bond and investigators say jenkins killed him because he turned in jenkins for stealing money from a union they both belonged to. >> if you want to see evil in the
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this is a man who stole for five years, who says going to get even with terry who is only doing the right thing, looking out for the union's money and belichick a criminal to justice. >> jenkins was the union's treasurer when money started disappearing, he called miss. >> suspended, that's the decision for the three tampa attorneys found guilty of a double digits setup. attorney steven dzhokhar tsarnaev late august a judge recommended all three be permanently disbarred after he determined the trio helped put together the double digits arrest of a courtroom rival. yesterday's decision also says it is attorneys can no longer represent clients or pick up new ones and all clients must be told
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>> your electric bill could be going up. listen to this. florida power and light has asked the state for permission to raise rates for the next four years. customers would pay about eight dollars more a month this year and $14 more a month by 2020, the company says they need the money to improve surveillance and reduce emotions. state officials are expected to make a decision sometime later this year. >> with when we come back, dave will have another look at your forecast, your saturday forecast, plus monster jam is back. we'll tell you where you can check out these giant trucks and other
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bay area coming up in a couple of photography, plus many mother. the outdoor festival kicks off at 10:00 this morning at gulf stream avenue and main street. it's part -- the best part about this, dea, it's free. you have to love free. >> i do and we've been to this a monster jam back. you can see all your favorite giant custom designed trucks at randy james stadium tonight. the ever so popular grave digger. truck. >> it hurts my threat.
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the pits from 1:30 to 5:00. show at 7:00. the doors open at 5:00. the tickets are $15. it's so much fun for the kids and the treasures island kite festival is back. you can look forward to kites of all shapes and sizes. there will be precision flying and huge kites. you can even bring your own kite and join in on the fun taking place. by the way it's at the thunderbird resort starting at 10:00 this morning. that as well is free. . >> legendary singer and song writer paul anka is making a stop in clearwater tonight.
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of the late '50s with the hits diane. >> put your head on my shoulder. >> i'm sorry. >> i didn't want to butcher it. >> i just did. >> the show starts at 8:00. tickets start at $50. >> wise cracking emmy winner jane lynch makes a stop in the bay area tonight. the golden globe winner will be at the capitol theatre. she's funny. she's fresh off broadway after stark in annie. >> tickets are $45. >> all right, so i think my wife is up now. i think we're going to this, honey. christian's biggest musculature comes to the bay tonight. grammy winger for king and country matthew west headline the show.
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half dozen other acts. the prejam party kicks off at 6:00. tickets 10 bucks. >> that's great. understand. >> if you're feeling adventure russ you can go python hunting this week he could. more than -- population. they're not a native species, they pose a huge threats to wildlife. this. i was down there in the everglades. this whole thing started off -- of course people have let their pets go, right, their pet pythons go, because they got too big, but the other thing people don't realize is back when hurricane andrew came through, it literally took out -- the winds took them out down in the everglades and thousands of snakes got out and that started this whole
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predators, and it is so warm around here and now so many of them, i mean, there's just no way to get them out. andrew. >> that was one of the big reasons that they had all these snakes come back. they couldn't get them back once the serpentarium. >> we've got a lot of invasive species. >> i talk about science and -- any bearing 8:15. if you are getting ready to walk out the door, look at this. it's beautiful. i remember yesterday at 8:15, not a big difference, but today we have the sunshine. for all those things that we just discussed, to be out ask about in those free festivals or just wanting to be outside and having fun. we have the clearwater beach camera this morning with temperatures maybe in the 50s, but we do have a beautiful amount of sunshine, as the day moves along we do look for more cloud cover to work its way in. for instance here's your forecast
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into mid 70s or so today. ironically enough. ironically enough this is going to be the warmest of the next seven days, because after today we are looking to knock our temperatures way back down. unfortunately we have to get through some rough storms before we get to that point. like i got the warmth today but then tonight we're looking for a round of showers and thunderstorms to form. out here in the western gulf you see the beginnings of a low pressure system developing. that low pressure system is quickly going to move across the gulf. it's going to tap in to the sub tropical jet with the moisture and the instability and by the time it makes it here, it's going to be a lot of rain, a lot of thunderstorms activity and maybe some damaging straight lane winds accompanying it. it's going to be a similar setup to yet except i think overall you may see a bit more in the way of wind
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the time framing, here's sunday, tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m. look at this line of shower and thunderstorms activity. for many of us it's going to wake us up, but if you have to be out the door very early tomorrow we will be here. check in with us again, because we're going to have to death with these storms. but like yesterday they're fast moving, so they're going to quickly move towards east and by the afternoon hours we're going to get back into some sunshine. slight risk for severe weather through st. petersburg. in fact since i made this map a few minutes ago they've brought the slight risk a little further north. really much of our area under this slight risk and it's going to be very early tomorrow morning with the dominate threat being high winds and of course there can always in a pattern like this run the risk of an isolated tornado. don't think flooding is going to be a huge issue.
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rain is quick moving so that's not going to bother us, it's going to be the straight line winds or an isolated tornado. that's very very early tomorrow morning. we're going to go 75 degrees for a high temperature. tonight the overnight low, 63. i'll be watching. i might get up early to watch it myself. we're going to have to deal with a line of showers and thunderstorms. by tomorrow afternoon, the high temperature is going to be about 68 degrees. you see how pretty it is in the gulf or the bay. if you want to do some boating, get it done today, because beginning tonight, the gale warnings are back. that's how quickly this system is moving. it's going to turn up the waters, so we have a gale warning tomorrow, 68 degrees, sunshine comes back, but it opens up the door for much colder air and in fact 62 for a high on monday and tuesday's high temperature, alcides, only 58 degrees. >> 58. >> my goodness.
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sports related injuries. when should you limit your child's activity. we'll talk about that. plus did you hear, the bucs announced the new head coach. unless you're under a rock you heard about what's during this extended visit from your extended family, all you want is a peaceful moment to stream your show. and you need enough bandwidth to share with a full house of hungry users. lightning internet from
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welcome back. the buccaneers officially announced
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fox 13 spoke with dirk koetter on what this means for the team. good morning. dirk koetter is the new head coach. this is a team that needs two things. one, makes the playoffs. two, hang on to a head coach for a while. there's simply been too much turnover at the top. he got the job because of the job that he did with the buccaneers offense. there are a lot of coaches that get coaching jobs in the nfl because they're offenses or defenses deliver, but then those units slide backwards because the coach has to run the entire time. that he was the first question i asked him, committee keep a handle on the offense? >> no, it doesn't worry me, because there's already a protest type for that in the nfl. i think three of the eight teams that are playing this weekend in the playoffs, the head coach and the play caller and i've talked to guys that are doing it. it's not going to be easy. there will be some things that are different, but that's one of the reasons you have to have a great
8:21 am
i already have great confidence in the offensive coaches that i worked with here last year, but there will be some subtle changes. >> you were talking about how much you love to work with quarterbacks. is that something that you can still spend a lot of time with, the one on one time that you had with jamis, does it mean you have so many roles and different responsibilities. >> it will change. my role is going to change some, but every head coach i know and every head coach i've always been around always magrates back to his old position and i'm sure i'll be wandering over to the quarterbacks quite a bit. >> how excited are you right now? >> i'm real excited. i'm real excited. this is -- this is just the beginning. there's a lot of work to be done, but today is the starting point. >> i think the lightning is about to make one of those runs. you can see the pittsburg penguins
8:22 am
until then it's their longest three game winning streak. watch in mid ice. he finishes it brilliantly and it's 1-0 lightning. now in the second, lightning 5-3, they work it perfectly. watch the left post, tyler johnson, 2-1, lightning. 5-4 lightning and victor and watch him from the blue line. 3-1 lightning. but in this game pittsburgh comes back to take a 4-3 lead. he ties the game at four with that it's shkreli spin move. lightning come back to win this 15-4 in overtime. that's a look at sports. have a good morning. >> all right. spring is right around the corner and that means baseball season. millions of children are getting ready to take the fields and as parents there are a few things that we should do watch out for especially as our kids hit the baseball field.
8:23 am
it's great to see you by the way. >> great to be here. >> this is a big problem, especially as we start the spring season, isn't it. >> yeah. you know, little league sports are great and it's great to get our kids out playing, but some of these kids are playing too much and not throwing the ball too much. we have have problems with throwing the ball too much and not throwing it correctly. >> the curve ball. this is a big deal, because when i was growing up, we were told don't throw the curve ball. throw the change up, circle change palm ball. you're saying curve ball is okay. watch the -- limit the pitches. >> it's not okay that curve ball is okay. these kids should be throwing fast balls when they're nine and 10 years old. it's the curve balls, it's the amounts of pitches the kids are throwing. we used to think the kids that are throwing the curve ball are more likely to have problems. it's the amount of pitching that's going on. these kids are pitching 50, 75 pitches in a game and going to a pitching coach the next day. >> and then they're playing for other teams.
8:24 am
and you have little league baseball and up north, little league season starts, the kids are coming from another start. down here kids are playing year-round and they're moving from one team to another. when they're playing on these teams, many of that's kids are doing guest pitching. you're on a team and they're asking you to go to around to pitch on another team. a lot of these kids are getting over pitched. >> we want our kids to excel. it's muscle memory. baseball is muscle memory, especially when you're pitching. but you're kind of walking a fine line. >> i think that the best thing to do is have your child play on one team. choose a team, the team that they can play best on. and have them play one team a season. some kids will play two teams a season, but never more than that with guest pitching, et cetera. watch the amount that they're throwing, because it's not just the practice that's happening, it's it is specialized practice, so catchers have specialized catching coaches that are coaching them. pitching coaches in these pitching sessions and that's the biggest
8:25 am
pitches. you need to be sure they're not throwing the ball too much. >> not just pitching. if you're playing pitcher and move you to first and between the innings you're throwing balls and you're also throwing back to the pitcher again, all that counts, right. >> it's the pitcher, catcher combination we see most offense. usually when the child is not pitching if they have a great arm they're the catcher. they're throwing back all game. there isn't a closer coming in, so the patching, catching combination shouldn't be going on. catching. >> we're also talking to you at 9:00. >> what are we talking about at 9:00. >> we're going to talk about overuse injuries created by early specialization in sports. this idea at the age of six you need to pick one sport and that's what should play. not like we did when we were kids. >> they played basketball, football, everything they can get
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>> from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. >> straight up 8:30 on this saturday morning. top of the morning to you. it's really a beautiful start to the day. it's 63 degrees in tampa. 61 in bradenton. we have a whole lot of sunshine. and that's going to change later this afternoon. i do expect some cloud cover to work its way in, but not until we make it up into the mid 70s, so there's your good news. mid 70s, fantastic, but tomorrow morning, very early, another line, a very fast moving low pressure system going to move across the state. some strong thunderstorms are anticipated and we'll follow that with a budget of cold air coming in
8:29 am
so a lot to talk about overall. today is good. we'll have the rest of your seven day in just a few minutes. >> dave, thanks very much. the time right now is 8:30. here's a check of today's stories. john may junior is charged with leaving the scene of a crash that killed a woman last february. she was crossing the street when she was hit and mailed. may he was seen on the video after the crash. he pulled over, walked to the to the scene, but then walked away. he check his car for damage and then drove off. police say evidence approved his car was at the scene of the crash. we're still waiting to find out how a worker decide at the port of tampa yesterday. officials say he got trapped under a huge pile of sulfur. it's not clear how. the view from sky fox, you can see right there shows crews working to free a piece of heavy machinery buried by a sulfur powder. >> and police need your help finding a man who scammed a woman
8:30 am
this is the guy. a woman posted a ad on craigslist to sell her wedding rings. this guy said he would buy them. he met her at a shopping center in palm harbor, gave her an amscot money order to to pay for them. she tried to cash them and found out they were fake. >> there is a new man in charge of the buccaneers, dirk koetter was officially named the head coach. fox 13 spoke with the fans about the big announcement. >> it's another new beginning. >> you know, we'll go for the next guy and see how he does. dirk koetter has supporters and they like the work he did with rookie quarterback, jamis winston. >> he had a great year. i hope that continues. if he has the passion i think he, does you should be fine. >> she puts her faith in the team's belief that dirk koetter is the right choice. >> just want the bucs to have the best coach and whatever the best
8:31 am
i mean, i don't judge. >> they're new orleans saints fans happy with the hire, convinced that koetter will fail to win even six games. >> i think they might win four. for us it's great. for us it gives us a chance to get into the playoffs. >> nor most koetter's success rests with his star pupil. >> jamis winston. >> will they stand and cheer for dirk koetter's bucs come september. perhaps he said it best on the podium today when he was introduced as the new bucs head coach. it doesn't matter what he says today. it matters how he does next season. >> nothing that is said here today is going to affect us a bit in wins and losses. the hard work that leads to the w's and the o's is still to come. fox 13 news. >> police are looking for a woman who took someone's mail and then
8:32 am
a homeowner in the snail isle area. caught her on surveillance camera. unfortunately it was too late to stop her. police say the woman had been stealing male mail from their home for last month. she opened seven credit cards in the victim's name last month. police say there are things you can do to protect yourself. >> try to pick up your mail shortly after it's delivered. try not to leave bills in your mail to be picked up. send them at the post office or pay your bills electronically if you can to minimize a lot of that traffic. if your credit card bills are on automatic draft, make sure you still check your account monthly for strange activity. and of course if you know who that woman is, contact st. pete police. >> this is a bizarre case out of palm beach county. florida fish and wildlife officials are looking into how and why a shark was found inside a swimming pool. a come in a condo complex called police after she found the black
8:33 am
she told police she saw two young men running away beforehand. the shark was taken out of the pool and thankfully was safely returned to the ocean. after the break we'll hear from
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all right. we've all been waiting to see who won the big powerball drawing, and this morning we know one of the three tickets. a small town warehouse supervisor from mumford, tennessee, and his wife had their ticket verified and they'll bet part of the world
8:36 am
and that lucky family says, get this, they do not plan to make any big changes, including keeping their jobs. i know it's hard to believe. why would you keep your jobs? the robinsons also say they don't plan to make any wild purchases. at this point they're paying off their mortgage and their daughter's student loan, but they're staying house. john robinson says his wife urged him to buy lottery tickets on his way home from work. when he got home he wasn't feeling well so he decided to lay down. his wife lisa watched the drawing on tv. >> she's the next one that checked the numbers of the drawing, and she come running in there, screaming and crying. >> you need to check these numbers. you need to check these numbers. and i was -- she woke me out of a dead sleep. >> that's a good way to wake up.
8:37 am
the lump sum payment of nearly $328 million that's after taxes. add yesterday's news conference they admitted they haven't slept much in the last 48 hours or so. monday. >> why not? >> that's what we've done all our lives is work. you just can't sit down and lay down and not do nothing anymore. how long are you going to last? you know, we do want to enjoy a little bit of our earnings and maybe invest a little bit of so our son and our daughter, they'll have it and they'll never need anything again. >> that's a good old southern family, dave. >> you know, it really is. and i bet they're going to teach that same value to their children, so that's good. >> it's 8:39 this morning. you want to see a pretty picture. look at the beach. 58 degrees. we'll be back up in the 70s if
8:38 am
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the time right now is 8:42. after a morning of heavy gunfire, troops end a deadly hostage situation in after california. al-qaeda militants scattered thunderstorm a hotel overnight and security officers tried to free the hostages using explosives to get into the building, but it actually caught fire. right now officials say at least 27 people were killed, including four militants. they also say 126 hostages were freed. the u.s. embassy tweeted it did not know if any americans were outside that hotels. >> indonesian officials raided the homes of two men suspected in jarkata. isis has claimed responsibility. two people were killed, and two dozen others were hurt. five suicide bombers attacked a starbucks and a traffic police booth. indonesian police searched the
8:41 am
been part of the isis cell that carried out the bombings. officials say a known isis leader living in syria ordered this attack. all right. it seems like every day is some sort of holiday, whether it's christmas or even national spaghetti day. if you're all celebrated out from the holiday season, then today is your day. why? today, january 16th, is national nothing day. an event -- an "unevent" was 1972. he wanted to provide americans with one day where they can just sit around and do absolutely nothing celebrating and observing or honoring nothing. of course even talking about this contradicts the purpose of it. but i like the idea, dave, because i'm tired of celebrating spaghetti day or, you know, everything day. >> so i chose national nothing day to have the longest day of the year for myself, right? >> get up early in the morning,
8:42 am
local move, but still a move. i should have done that. >> i'm just happy you didn't help me to move. or did you ask me and i ignored you. >> the show is not over yet my friend. you know why i wouldn't ask you to help me move. >> because you know i would say no. >> because i don't want to help you move. >> okay. fair enough. i like it. touche. >> it's 8:45. time for some weather headlines today. it's beautiful outside right now. it's going to be a nice warm day where the variable clouds will probably -- we'll probably get back into the mid 70s. yesterday we made it into the 70s after we got the early morning rainfall now a very fast-moving storm system is going to come through tonight. the timeframe looks like just before sunrise tomorrow. some strong storms, mainly straight line winds an issue. very early tomorrow morning, give
8:43 am
going to have to death with a very fast moving line of thunderstorms. in fact, we are under a slight risk for severe thunderstorms very early tomorrow morning. winds will be the highest threat, just like we were yesterday, those damaging straight line winds and while we can't rule out an isolated tornado, i do think the straight line winds will be the biggest threat. offshore, while it's beautiful right now, beginning tonight and through at least the morning hours tomorrow we've got gale warnings back. so you look outside, how beautiful it is, and we've got a gale warning for tonight and early tomorrow morning. so that's how fast, quick and to be. we're at 63 degrees in tampa at this hour. 56 in brooksville. 54 in lakeland. turning out to be a beautiful saturday morning. 61 in st. petersburg. 60 to the south, couple of spots at least one, tallahassee still in the upper 50s. and the wind derek has changed out of the south. out of the south it's pump in the
8:44 am
one will be in the 70s, but, two, the dewpoint numbers are going to sneak up into the 60s and you maybe outgoing, hey, it feels a little muggy outside. you look at the two different computer model ands the timing they have on all of this. here's one which brings the lull across the gulf, gets it through here sometime tomorrow morning. this may be a little bit slower. it may come in a little bit faster than this, and the gfs model is predicting this as well to predict this storm system. it's going to be a quick mover right across the gulf and event family we'll into our area very early tomorrow morning and you may be hearing that wind whipping against the windows. here's your slight risk for severe weather with once again the dominate threat early tomorrow morning being those straight line winds. down again. in fact i bet the sun comes back out tomorrow. it's going to be a very early morning event.
8:45 am
tonight the overnight lows will be 63. then very fast moving, but yet potent showers and storms tomorrow very early. sunshine in the afternoon with a high of 68. boating, you're okay for today. okay? but i'm telling you, beginning tonight, things are going to change quick and there will be no boating for you tomorrow. 62 the water temperature. speaking of 62, that's going to be our high temperature on monday. yeah, after this system moves through, it's opening up for lack of a better term just a big door and the cold air is going to come rushing in. we have 42 for tuesday morning and believe it or not we're talking about a high temperature of only 58 degrees for tuesday afternoon. >> he likes dancing, playing with his toys and anything, anything to do with steve harvey. ava elizabeth is also turning one this morning.
8:46 am
in addition to hogging all of the attention, ava's family wants to wish their little diva a very happy first birthday. the fox 13 family wants to wish fiona hope a very happy first birthday. she loves playing with her big sister and loves singing. happy first birthday to the three of you. alcides? are. it is save resaturday this morning on good day tampa bay. we have a chef from alavage. thanks for being with us. >> how are you. >> i'm blessed good to see you. >> what are you making. bisque. i'm going to take a little clarified butter in this hot saute pain and i'm going to saute some mushrooms and baby buttons.
8:47 am
>> where do you find that? >> they're actually pretty common nowadays. they're more asian, but what's nice about them is they have a nice bite to them. they're kind of crunchy. the water content is really light. >> that's good for sauteeing. >> we're going to saute these up. a little bit of salt. >> so far this is pretty ease auto. i can do this at home. >> oh, yeah. >> so a little saute. >> so a little light saute. a little fresh parsley. a little chive. >> tell us where you're locate. >> we're on howard avenue right across the street from burnes steakhouse. we've been open about two and a half years. i've been there since opening. >> this is where i wish you had the gas because you could get the fire.
8:48 am
see it, but you're missing the whole point. >> that was just a little bit of cognac to bring up the mushroom flavor as well. here we're going to make a little crem fresh, take the same parsley and chives. you have a minute. >> what was the cream? >> crem fresh with some croutons. >> finish with the mushrooms. i'm going to pour this mushroom soup right over the top. >> you made that mushroom soup elsewhere obviously. it's not from a can. >> no, i hope not. >> it better not be. we wouldn't invite you back, that's for sure. >> that looks pretty, except that little spill which you're cleaning up right now. a little bit of -- i like that. all right. i may have to taste that. >> you're steak sticking aren't, you're stalking about what at 9:00. >> what you are you making?
8:49 am
>> i like pittsburgh ears. >> juicy lucy and the folks from elevaga coming up next on good day tampa bay.
8:50 am
wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past.
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>> as his wedding day approaches, ben heads to miami with his soon to be brother-in-law james to bring down a drug dealer who is supplying the drug dealers of product in "ride along 2". are you trying to decide what to
8:52 am
let's head to julia bandares to see what's playing today. it follows the team of government contractors who went in fighting to save lives at the diplomatic compound in benghazi libya after the 2012 terrorist attacks. the film is directed by michael bay and it's based on three of the books by the contractors. >> kevin hart and ice cube are back in "ride along 2". this time ken jong and live i don't know munn also join in the fun. there's one for the kids with the animated flick, norm of the north about a polar bear and his arctic friends who find themselves on a big adventure in the big apple. >> i'm a sick woman looking for a last restrictiving place. >> an united arab emirates defilm is lady in the van. mean green smith has received
8:53 am
as a woman who bee friends of the owner of the driveway is he lives. audiences can also catch up on some of the movies that picked up oscar nominations like the 12 time nominated frontrunner the "revenant." >> the boston priest -- >> the true story investigative tail spotlights. >> we have no confidence in your ability to identify macro economic trends. >> plus the comedic film the big short about the housing bubble collapse in the mid 2000s. before contemplating the many choices on steak 'n shake's $4 dollar menu, one must calm the mind in our zen garden. focus. the garlic double steakburger meal. reflect. the taco salad meal. zen. the original double 'n cheese steakburger meal. oh! the $4 menu.
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